Christmas gift ideas: Jigsaw puzzles

In another time and place, long ago and far away, I used to love puzzles.

I have cherished, and also bittersweet, memories of being at Grandma’s house during Christmas break sitting around a folding card table doing puzzles with various extended family members. 1000 pieces and nothing but free time on our hands to eat, talk, watch a little TV and find pieces.

The puzzles often took days to finish. In between doing a lot of other things, we would periodically wander over to the card table to see if we could find a few pieces to put in place.

In the years since so many tragic things have happened. My Grandparents have both passed on as well as my parents. When they were gone the rest of us just seemed to scatter in the wind. I still have all those wonderful memories though, even if they seem to live somewhere in another dimension.

Huffington Post: Why Jigsaw Puzzles Are So Soothing And Addicting Right Now

Wooden Puzzles For Adults  A Purr-Fect Christmas  261 Piece image 0

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