Do people still buy print magazines?

Yes and no.

Like a lot of people I’ve gone through a significant paper reduction over the past several years. So, I started thinking about popular print magazines and how they’re holding up. At one point in my life I loved cooking magazines like Cooking Light and fashion magazines like Mademoiselle. I personally haven’t bought or subscribed to a print magazine though since, I believe, the very early 2000s.

It’s no seceret that sales of printed publications has been faltering for years as digital takes over. Many magazines like Family Circle have folded while others like Glamour have gone to an online only format. Still, there are some print magazines that have managed to do relatively well despite the trend.

Food Network Magazine
Food Network
Southern Living
Southern Living
Food & Wine
Food & Wine
Travel + Leisure
Travel + Leisure
Martha Stewart Living
Martha Stewart
HGTV Magazine
The Pioneer Woman Magazine
Pioneer Woman
Do it Yourself

Food and lifestyle magazines seem to be doing pretty well in addition to certain regional and/or travel magazines.

Health magazines are still going strong although they certainly aren’t at the top of the bestseller’s list. Men’s Health seems to be doing the best of these.

Fashion and women’s magazines have been hard hit. Mademoiselle has been gone for quite a while now. Several others are holding on for dear life. I personally think this has a lot to do with bloggers and that’s not a bad thing really. Bloggers tend to be easier to relate to than pages in a glossy magazine. Good Housekeeping and Cosmopolitan are two that still seem to be doing fairly well, though

Men's Health
Women's Health
Good Housekeeping

Staple fixtures, certain niche magazines and a handful of kid’s magazines are surviving pretty well thus far, too.

Reader's Digest
National Geographic Magazine
Popular Mechanics
Birds & Blooms
National Geographic Kids
Car and Driver

Print news magazines are amongst the biggest that are in trouble. There are just too many other sources of news these days. By the time a magazine is printed, current news is already old news.

One interesting trend that has happened this year: a boost in print sales due to the coronavirus… very interesting… you can read more about that in this digital post by the New York Post: Magazine publishers see print sales boost due to coronavirus.

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Source: These are the best-selling magazines (also, people still buy magazines) –

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6 thoughts on “Do people still buy print magazines?

  1. “People” may or may not read print magazines, but I certainly do. In fact, I get just about all the major cooking journals.

    There’s just something refined about the tactile satisfaction of holding a magazine and flipping through the pages leisurely that screen-bound media can’t match.

    I’ll allow that this is a receding pleasure, but I intend to partake as long as I can!

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  2. I must have the physical item in my hands. There is something incredibly sensual about the act of holding a book or magazine and reading it – smelling the paper and ink. It’s like having your best friend super close and snuggly!

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    1. I completely agree with that. I haven’t yet tried to read a book or magazine with an electronic reader. I may just be too old school to ever do that. I never thought about the smell factor but now that you mention it that is indeed a big part of it.

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