WP blogging tips: Broken links and accepting help gracefully

A MISTAKE that I still constantly make all the time involves improperly linking back to my own posts/pages. I haven’t found much non-techie advice about this so I thought this might be helpful.

When I first started using links in posts to refer back to my earlier posts I was confused about why sometimes the links would work and sometimes they wouldn’t. What I realized is that often I was using my own internal editing file link instead of the actually link that people use to open the link in their browers.

I mistakingly did this by opening the preview for my old post and then copying the link from the browser itself. Seems like it would work but what I was really doing in most cases is copying a link to my own editing file… which readers will obviously not have access to.

So, the best way I’ve learned to obtain a link to my past posts is to do one of the following:

  • Go into post settings and scroll down to where it says Permalink. Click the arrow and then see where it says View Post. Copy that link and use it in the new post.
  • For Jetpack users, click on the Jetpack icon in the top right corner (it’s the button that’s partially green with two little triangles). Go down to where is says Shortlink and then copy that link to use in your new post.

Back a little while ago now I was reading a post from a fellow blogger. She had included a link that I was trying to click on. I noticed that instead of going to where it was supposed to go it routed me to a wordpress login page. Knowing what had most likely happened I wanted to let her know that the link wasn’t working for me. She argued with me and said the link worked fine for her. Of course it would, I thought, as it was her own file that she has access to. When I tried to explain further to her what she might have done she abruptly stopped talking to me and I never heard from her again!

Gee whiz, I thought. How silly!

If anyone else has any other helpful advice about this topic please feel free to comment.

Happy blogging!!

I’ve been blogging with WordPress for a few years now… it’s been a great platform to get my blog started and begin building an audience. This is my second blog actually… my first one being fairly successful thus far.

Photo by Timothy Paule II on Pexels.com

4 thoughts on “WP blogging tips: Broken links and accepting help gracefully

  1. I’ve noticed most all bloggers are people. Means they’ll make mistakes and unfortunately also that some bloggers are idiots, usually the human ones. Ignore the idiots. Keep suggesting improvements and politely pointing out errors. I’m a newbie and consider all WP tech directions great. Do have some trouble accepting criticism on the “writing” part except from authors I respect. I accept criticism graciously, but get somewhat defensive as I try to see how it’s suggested I “improve.” That I’m even on WP is BECAUSE i want to hear criticism. — Good post. Thank you.

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    1. It’s all in the intent and the delivery… some people seem to revel in pointing out people’s errors and then say “ah ha.” LIke they are so brilliant and everyone else is so stupid. I try to be more tactful and “helpful… ” Sometimes though I just opt to say nothing at all. I figure they’ll figure it all out at some point if they really want to. Better just to do a post and hopefully it will be of benefit to someone out there!

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