Christmas Eve will find me…

I do hope everyone has a great Christmas Eve… both those who celebrate it and those who don’t… you can still have a great day either way!

cute snowman Christmas Eve Meme, Drew Barrymore
(Just too cute!)

“On Christmas Eve, you will believe when the snow comes down…”

Christmas Eve will find me, where the love light gleams…”

Christmas and Marriage - Imgflip
(That’s a smart husband!)
And Christmas Continues. You're welcome. - Wayward Sparkles
(Just evilly funny!)

“Grandma got run over by a reindeer, walking home from our house Christmas Eve…”

“…somewhere on this night of nights she’s looking to believe, here among the ghosts on Christmas Eve.”

It’s a Wonderful Life
Top 50 Funny Christmas Memes This Year
(It’s actually supposed to be chilly here in the south tomorrow! Yikes!)
work on christmas eve... it'll be fun, they said - Disaster Girl | Meme  Generator

20 Christmas Eve Memes That'll Make You Feel So Much Better |
(I don’t have to work actually and not going to be going anywhere!)

“I’ve just one wish on this Christmas Eve, I wish I were with you…”

“Meet me under the mistletoe, midnight Christmas Eve…”

Merry Christmas! Funny merry christmas memes, Merry christmas meme,  Christmas memes funny

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Merry Christmas Eve graphic
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