Blissful Sunday: Rocky IV and The Final Countdown

Looking up “The Final Countdown” on YouTube I noticed something interesting. There are a lot of silly humans out there in the world. (Like I didn’t know that already!) I say this now though because I see multiple video versions of this song that are quite curious. There’s a Spongebob Squarepants version and a Star Wars version along with a small slew of others.

The Rocky version is my favorite, though… the Rocky IV version that is. This just happens to be my favorite Rocky movie of all time and it’s of course the one where Rocky travels to the Soviet Union and meets up with the gigantic Ivan Drago.

Even though I love the movie, we all know that it’s complete bullshit… if the story turned out to be real life, Drago would have pulverized Rocky! Are you kidding? Sylvester Stallone coulda been an armrest for Dolph Lundgren. That was the point though wasn’t it… a David and Goliath type thing.

Dolph Lundgren is from Sweden… my grandfather was born in Sweden… we could be related maybe… I have no real proof of this… other than we are both pale as f*ck… just pure speculation.

When I was much younger I used to of course root for Rocky… these days I see Ivan Drago as a much more sympathetic character… a mere product of his environment.


FOR NO REASON IN PARTICULAR I’ve been listening to the The Final Countdown a lot lately. I’ve slowly been feeling more hopeful, optimistic and enthusiastic about the future–much like a caveman… eh, cavewoman… might crawl out of a cave and suddenly be transported to a tropical beach somewhere.

The cavewoman sees the strangest thing! It’s a colorful beach chair under a blue umberella. What wonderful ideas! Who came up with this stuff and more importantly why didn’t someone come up with them a long time ago!

Beside the chair is a little table with a drink and what looks like some tasty-looking nibblets we today would know as snacks. The drink is a pina colada (with a recyclable straw of course.) The cavewoman wouldn’t know this though. She would drink a little and think: Is that pineapple and coconut together… whaaaaat?? There’s some other flavor in there that she can’t quite identify but after a few good-sized sips she starts to feel all smiley and happy.

This stuff is great!!!

This is kinda how I’ve been feeling lately… aside from a drastic moment or two here and there. No more drastic moments please!!

By the way, aren’t you just tickled to death that we don’t have to live like cave people anymore… I know I am!

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying our planet earth!

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Rocky IV photo

10 thoughts on “Blissful Sunday: Rocky IV and The Final Countdown

  1. Thanks for putting that song in my head, Adora. Now I’m going to scour my collection. Oh well – I really do like the tune, thus the effort will conclude with…a reward!

    While I search, I most definitely will picture turquoise waters smoothing a palm-shaded beach. Great visual suggestion, especially now that winter’s into its forever-and-ever stage.

    Even better is your suggested choice of refreshment. You know, I’m curious – who among our ancestors saw fermenting grapes and thought, “Hey, I bet I can eat those?”

    It seemed like idiocy at the time, but it also launched our species on quite a journey, didn’t it?

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    1. You’re welcome. It’s a great song!

      Yes, it would be interesting to see how that whole process came about. Like with a lot of things there must have been a brave, or perhaps stupid, person or two who decided to take the risk and see what would happen if you ate a certain kind of weird rotting grape. Maybe it was a dare from a mean older sibling.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sure is better than the bug you had me eat last week. In fact, with each grape, I mind the experience less and less.

        More, more! Leth…let’s fine more grapes to make ron…ron…ROTTEN!

        I dunno what ‘drunk’ means, but I thing…think I am! OMG, that’s hilarious!

        Liked by 1 person

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