Sugar and spice: Valentine’s Day yum-yums

NO MATTER WHAT YOU’RE PLANS are for Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to add some beauty. Here are some ideas for that…. at least when it comes to food.

Valentine’s is one of the most beautiful holidays I believe. Maybe I’m just partial though… as I may or may not have mentioned I do love the color red.

Enjoy and I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine's Day stuffed mushrooms, Best Valentine's food
Brie Stuffed Mushrooms!
(same link as above)

9 thoughts on “Sugar and spice: Valentine’s Day yum-yums

  1. Mouthwatering collection, Adora! Though the cake decorating idea is quite beyond my current skills, it still is a superb inspiration.

    The raspberry tarts a few pictures below, on the other hand, are a practical and immediate goal. After all, hey…raspberries.

    Adora, your food entries really are something. I must warn you, though, another 10,000 or 12,000 years, and it might start to annoy. Maybe. Not a day sooner, though. For the next several dozen centuries, we’re good. Not just “good,” but awesome!

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    1. Ha ha, in a former life I used to love to decorate cakes but not like the ones on TV… while I applaud their efforts and talents, the only thing I really want to do with a cake is eat it! 😋 Therefore, minimal decorating works for me!

      Yes, the raspberry tarts look delicious and not too difficult to make. As a side note I’m really miffed that there is no raspberry emoji on my phone… they have cucumbers, kiwis and even yams but no raspberry… really!
      🥒🥝🍠 😝

      I will take advisement to be sure and change my blog topics in 10,000 or so years! Til then game on!


  2. My heaven will be 50,000 shades of red with bounteous chocolate, coffee, and whiskey. Thank you, Adora, for transmitting the undeniable message that another way of saying ‘love’ is ‘red.’ Your post is a feast for my senses!

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