Happy “love is a b*tch” day

LOVE ISN’T ALWAYS A B*TCH but then it’s not always not a b*tch either. Even when in a relationship, maintaining it can be far from simple for the vast majority of us. A handful of people out there do make it look easy. I’ve known couples who were so compatible that they never fought and were always in love. Rare but it happens.

For the rest of us love can be more difficult. Being single is a lot easier in many ways yet many of us make the sacrifice for the sake of love and togetherness.

Anyway, whatever situation you’re in, and whether you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, I do hope it ends up being a great day!!

Happy Valentine’s Day – Adora

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5 thoughts on “Happy “love is a b*tch” day

  1. So much bile for such a young person. Are you not a cleverly disguised old man? This morning, you’d make a good’n! Hope someone disappoints you with a five-pound box of chocolates and kills a bunch of flowers in your honor. I’d suggest someone loves you – you just aren’t paying attention.

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  2. From one couple who has been told that we make it look easy, trust me, it is not easy. It is hard work, but like most hard work, the rewards are well worth it. Those who dream of the perfect relationship, seldom are. Stay well. Allan

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    1. Yes, I’m starting to find a lot of those things out but yes it is worth it. Glad to know it has been working for you!! One thing I was just thinking about is how COVID has affected everything. I know it’s put a lot of extra strain on my relationship. I guess it just shows you how strong and resilient we can be though because we are still working at it 🙂

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  3. Happy Valentine’s Day (+1 or -364, depending…), Adora.

    You’re right, relationships never are easy. Our impulse as social creatures butts up against a striking individualism. Inevitably, conflict results. Whether or not that accumulates to a squabble, as it does at times for all couples, relationships have their work cut out for them.

    That’s what makes couples who endure all the more extraordinary, and worthy of admiration. …and yes, all pairs earn those laurels. As do those who recognize the achievement.

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