Getting sorted out on a Sunday

Been feeling a bit out of sorts the last few days. Not good or bad exactly, just kinda spaced-out or indecisive or something.

Perhaps I have unfinished business. I found this interesting article Feeling out of sorts? 4 Reasons why it happens from Worry, stress, feeling out of control… yeah, pretty much my whole life in other words!

Here’s a question. Once I’m not feeling “out of sorts” anymore can I then say that I’m feeling “in sorts”? No, probably better to say I “sorted myself out”. The American-English language is so weird isn’t it?!

The term “out of sorts” is thought to have derived from a 1600 printing press term of the same name. If the printing press was missing letters, it was called “out of sorts.” (Source: What Does Out of Sorts Mean? –

So, if I say I say I’m feeling “out of sorts” what I’m really saying is that I’m missing letters.

Not true! I’m never missing letters. So, I guess I’m not truly “out of sorts” at all. Nice to know!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

It's Sunday, I believe in you, Sunday quotes.

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